Author: Roberta McWhirter

Final in Iceberg Trilogy launched

Almost two years to the day after launching the first book of the Iceberg trilogy at Avid Reader, local author Sherryl Caulfield is launching the final book in the series, Come Full Circle. This final instalment is about three generations of women, each feisty in their own way, and their hopes, dreams and awakenings. It starts in 1995 when Rebecca, first introduced in Seldom Come By, is approaching 96, Gene, her daughter, is in her 62nd year and Lindsay, her granddaughter, will celebrate her 33rd birthday in Sydney. Born and bred in Brisbane, Sherryl has achieved an international following...

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Go tell it to the children – angry Mum fights for community garden

A Salisbury woman was told by Brisbane City Council today that a community garden she has built with local children is to be torn down by Council. “I’m afraid I was not very polite,” Ms Pia Deerain told The Generator, “I told him not to talk to me but to tell it to the children and then I hung up in his ear.” Ms Deerain and nine of her neighbour’s children have started a compost heap and vegetable garden in her front yard, which last month extended onto the nature strip. Today, a council worker rang Ms Deerain to...

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Quirk quick to grip hip list

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is rolling out the accolades for Brisbane, clearly relishing being the Mayor of the hippest, fastest growing, smartest and most business friendly city on the face of the planet. The praise comes from a variety of sources, with the latest label being added to Quirk’s Christmas Tree by the 2thinknow Innovation Cities Index which puts us at number 60 on their list of innovation hubs. 60 might seem like a long way from the top but Quirk quotes this as being in the top 15% and a leap of 25 places in one year, over...

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Thrift paradox costs Bertie budget bet

Psychic’s don’t win the lottery so I should have known better. I like risk though, so I bet against the petrol levy.  I hope none of you went out and put the farm on SportsBet. “Too bad, so sad” if you did. I lost the farm shortly after I lost the plot. The budget outcome confirms one thing, ably captured by First Dog on the Moon’s wonderful infographic in the Guardian: The government is not trying to manage the economy, it just wants to hurt the people who vote against it. The evidence is simple, but you will have to follow...

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The petrol levy will not increase

Okay. Alright already. Just ‘cos I correctly predicted the result of the Griffith by-election does not make me a seer.  DJ Greyboy’s French Bulldog would have predicted that result without putting her snout over the pink-ribboned lip of her bling-lined basket. But. I know human behaviour and I can recognise a bunch of old ,white men having a bit of fun with the national budget at the expense of the media when I see it. The talk about an increase in the petrol levy is a red herring, designed to keep everyone talking about anything except the real problem. And that...

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