Author: Roberta McWhirter

Rudd’s one percent not enough for six dollar Bill

So despite the vast expenditure, the signs on every Belle Property regardless of owner or tenant approval, the announcement by the Brisbane City Council that it would not enforce its own electoral signage by laws, the voters grimly went out and voted exactly the same way they did last time. You can count the people who changed their vote. A handful of extra votes for the Secular Party. A couple of hundred extra for the little Green man. Half of Palmer’s three thousand facebook friends went to the Pirate Party and the others sprinkled themselves across the micro parties...

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Meet the Griffith candidates

Grill a Green, nail a Nat and  lambast a Labor candidate. Whatever the colour of your campaign t-shirt, quizz a candidate on the evening of Wednesday February 5th, in West End just before the by-election for Griffith. All candidates are invited and the format will depend a little on who accepts the invitation. The venue is the Souths League Club in Davies Park at the corner of Jane and Montague Street. Get along to see your candidate stare down the crowd and their competitors for the crown of representing you in the Big House this year. This is a great...

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The apparat-chick and the suppository of righteousness

Spoiler alert: Griffith by-election result is announced on this article. Do not read until February 9 if you intend to enjoy the election. Most Australians and nearly all Queenslanders are heartily sick of politics: None more so than the people of Griffith. They adored the Ruddster with rock-fan like devotion only to be let down again and again. And then, again. Rudd’s ‘good burghers’ (ironically, the line was used sarcastically by the Greens in the 2007 campaign) are now forced back to the poll because he could not see out a term on the back bench – despite explicitly...

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Colour coding for Griffith revealed

Last weekend, prior to the preselection of the ALP and Greens candidates I wrote “Glasson’s gladiators already waving inanely from behind their bulging bags of helium across the electorate, the ALP is keen to get out there and be seen.” At the time, the colour to be worn by the ALP was not clear. Rudd had favoured white with our RUDDY this and that in red ink, local member Jackie Trad favours Green in most of her materials. Now that all parties are preselected and out and about, it is with some relief that I can report the ALP...

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Terri Butler runs for Griffith

Left -wing candidate for Griffith, Terri Butler, has been preselected as the ALP candidate for Griffith. The rank-and-file membership of the party fielded over 300 members at the preselection and the vote was more than two thirds in favour of Butler. With the Greens preselection to take place tomorrow Sunday 18th and Palmer stating publicly that he will not be running a candidate in this by-election the field is ready but the race has not been called. A February date is widely tipped but depends on the former Prime-Minister Kevin Rudd finalising his correspondence (ie writing a resignation letter...

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