Author: Sam Navin

Elke and Danjels and Lyme disease

In December 2012, Elke, 26 and partner, Danjels Reedman, 29, visited a friend in a village in Bali, Indonesia. With stray chickens, dogs roaming freely through the huts and a picturesque view of the beach, the tiny village was a tropical paradise for the couple. However, as soon as they arrived, Elke started experiencing sickness and fatigue. Elke’s jaw swelled up on the right side of her face where she experienced migraines and a lot of pain. “I started to think about what was going on, since I was sick almost the entire trip. It was really heart wrenching...

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How much force is enough?

Modern policing involves regular interactions with people affected by mental illnesses. In the last five years there were 13 police shootings in Queensland, of which six were fatal and half of those shot by the Queensland police were thought to be mentally unwell. While many human rights advocates condemn the use of force and critique the prevailing police training for dealing with mentally unwell people, the Queensland Commissioner of Police, Ian Stewart, says that if the total number of actual police jobs are considered, his police officers are not doing a bad job. According to him the Queensland police...

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Student numbers don’t add up

A miscalculation by the Queensland Dept of Education could see gross overcrowding at local schools.   Special report by Sam Navin. With high caliber community development projects lined up for the West End peninsula, and a blinkered approach to deal with the inevitable population growth in local schools, education has become the canary in the coal mine. By the year 2030, West End – South Brisbane peninsula is expected to absorb 22 per cent of Brisbane’s growth, yet Brisbane City Council’s billion dollar riverfront development plan, the Draft Kurilpa Master Plan, fails to allocate any additional provision for educational...

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Celebrate Neighbor Day Sunday 29 March

With less than three weeks till Neighbor Day, Australians everywhere are preparing to celebrate their community on Sunday, 29 March. Relationships Australia, the new home for Neighbor Day, is asking people to tell their story of a wonderful neighbor or an extraordinary neighborly act. There is a prize pool of more than $1000 to be won for the best stories nationally. “The community you want starts at your front door,” according to Alison Brook, National Executive Officer for Relationships Australia. “We all feel better when we feel we belong, so as part of Neighbor Day we’re encouraging people everywhere...

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Brewsvegas a showcase of craft beer

Brewsvegas 2015 is nearly upon us, and to celebrate and commemorate the occasion the team behind Brewsvegas have decided to throw a party. One thing learned from inaugural Brewsvegas in 2014 is that such a busy week enjoying the events and general shenanigans left few occasions to stop and share a beer as a larger beer community. The launch party to be held at Wandering Cooks is that occasion, and what a grand occasion it’s shaping up to be. If you haven’t heard of Wandering Cooks, it’s time; Wandering Cooks is Brisbane’s first incubator for food entrepreneurs. Based in South...

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