Author: Sam Navin

A Life of Living Hell

Cheryl is like any other 19 year old student at the University of Queensland. But her former life is an account of the living hell many children in Australia are currently enduring. For the first few years of her life Jack was a good step father. They lived in Harvey Bay, Jack’s family owned a restaurant, he was a hard worker and every day he would pick a word from the thesaurus for his step daughter. Soon a 3 year old Cheryl was using the word inquisitive in context. But when the family started struggling financially he began helping...

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New Parks Laws come into effect

On 9th September, the Brisbane city council approved a draft for a new local law called the ‘Public Land and Council Assets Local Law’ (PLACA), by proposing to combine eleven different local laws into one. The PLACA, which changes the way activities are managed in parks, malls and council lands including roads, bush-lands and sport fields, is under the public consultation period until Friday, 10th October, 2014. Local Councilor, Cr. Helen Abrahams of the Gaba ward, affirms that South Brisbane and West End does not have sufficient green spaces to cope up with the predicted population growth, and will...

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Bicycle-truck tragedy leads to call for Cycle Safety Summit

The recent death of a Danish student, Ms. Rebekka Tine Lousdal Meyer, 22, has heightened existing concerns regarding the safety of cyclists on the roads of Brisbane. According to the police, Ms. Rebekka Tine Lousdal Meyer was pronounced as deceased on the scene following a collision at the corner of Stanley Street and Annerley Road in South Brisbane at about 07:45am on 11th September. She was struck by a semi-trailer travelling in the same direction, and was dragged about 20m by the dog trailer of the truck which killed her instantly. Ms Meyer was a humanities student at the...

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New studio opens in West End

Blueprint, an exhibition of fine arts prints by ten Brisbane printmakers opened at the Baber studio on Friday. The show showcases a diverse talent of printmakers and artists whose approach to design, links experimentation and functionality through a cross-pollination of art and architecture. Ann Roworth, one of the ten printmakers, uses aluminum etching to make her prints and her work ‘what the eye sees, the mind conceives’, is displayed  at the exhibition.   “We’re all united by the fact that we’re printmakers, but there are a range of different techniques we use and we’ve been exploring the theme of...

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Gaza letter in Lancet causes a stir

Gaza letter in Lancet causes a stir In an open letter for the people of Gaza, 24 leading scientists and doctors denounced the aggression and challenged the perversity of the defensive hostility in Gaza by Israel. The letter was published by the Lancet, a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal which is one of the oldest and most prestigious general medical journals in the world. In the letter, the 24 European and North American professionals acknowledged that they have worked in Gaza at some point and urged their colleagues, young and old, to join them to denounce the Israeli aggression. “We...

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