Author: Sam Navin

Churchie Art Prize to Caitlin

For the fifth year in a row, Griffith University Art Gallery (GUAG) in South Bank, is hosting the Churchie national emerging art prize, one of the country’s most rewarding for emerging artists. The exhibition is a platform for emerging artists from all over Australia to showcase contemporary art as seen through their eyes and this year 31 exceptional artists competed for the $15,000 prize money, donated by Brand+Slater Architects. Caitlin Franzmann, a Brisbane based artist who has had four solo exhibitions in Brisbane and Istanbul (2012-14), emerged as the overall winner of the competition for her work – Magical...

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Gaza rally grows again

Last week’s rally to demonstrate Brisbane’s solidarity towards the people of Gaza, ignited a spark of emotions, affirmations and a wave of protests which spread like wildfire all over the country. This week, the fire blazed high with simultaneous protests in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Today’s demonstrations started with a walking tour around Queens street, organized by Mr. Phil Monsour, a singer, songwriter and an advocate for Gaza, to identify and boycott the stores that stock Sodastream products. Sodastream, is an Israel based company which operates a major factory in an illegal settlement in occupied Palestine and manufactures ...

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Brisbane shows its solidarity with Palestine

As the death toll in Gaza rises over 350, millions of protestors all over the world are taking to the streets to demonstrate their solidarity for the Palestinian people. In Brisbane, thousands of people gathered at King George Square to protest the Israeli ground invasion of Gaza demanding the Israeli government to quite their offensive in Gaza, while urging the Australian government to discontinue their support for the Israeli carnage. The march was organized by the Socialist Alternative of Brisbane and the Students for Palestine from UQ and QUT, whereas other organizations such as the Queensland Greens, The Socialist Alliance and...

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Light rail stops in Boundary Street

The Boundary Street Markets received a fascinating new addition today, with the delivery of a massive Motor Rail, to add a touch of rustic glamour to the markets. The 10 ton Silver Bullet motor rail carriage was transported to West End on the back of a trailer, and then installed in place with the help of two 20 ton cranes. The cranes hoisted the carriage off the trailer and, after the trailer drove away from underneath the carriage, it was firmly secured on the ground. According to Mr. David Bostock, the manager of Boundary Street Markets, it will be...

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Busting the Budget – Brisbane style

One day before the senate sits to vote on key budget measures proposed by the Liberal National Abbott government, thousands of Australians all over the country,  protested to bust the budget. In Brisbane, over a thousand men, women and children took to the streets yelling chants such as “ Stop Corporates getting fatter, workers rights matter,” and “ Stealing from the sick and poor, send this budget out the door”. Treasurer Joe Hockey’s budget has slashed funding for public hospitals, resources for Aboriginal services, public funding for universities, payments  for unemployed people under the age of 30 for six...

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