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Common ground between Brisbane and New York

Supportive housing projects, the fruits of partnerships between government, industry, community and welfare organisations are enriching cultural expression through arts sectors in Brisbane and New York.   Brisbane Common Ground was modelled off a successful pilot program in New York which offers arts programming in-house.   New York’s Common Ground spokesperson Jeff Scheuer said “We also have many artists who use or have used our affordable housing resources as a way to gain a foothold in the expensive community of NYC, and so these residential resources are important to the arts community locally.”   Brisbane Common Ground’s project From...

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Success reversing autoimmune disease undervalued

A spate of scientific breakthroughs has begun to explain how certain pioneers reverse autoimmune diseases while western medicine slows disease progression but often creates other cascading health problems. Clint Paddison cured his chronic autoimmune disease rheumatoid arthritis with a plant-based microbiome enhancing diet and yoga. “It is cutting edge stuff which in practice, is about 10 -15 years ahead of what science can [fully] explain,” Mr Paddison said. Karen Elphinstone tried Mr Paddison’s regime after a twenty-year struggle with conventional rheumatoid arthritis treatments left her bloated, chronically ill and made her skin turn green. “I was on the Paddison program for...

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Markets freshest by a local mile

People’s market beats Coles’ supermarket in fresh food stakes with an average 27 hour transit from field to consumer, says Food Connect’s Lakshmi Kerr. “South Brisbane’s Thursday market sells fruit and vegetables harvested one to two days prior to sale”, Ms Kerr said. Councillor Helen Abrahams appreciates fresh produce in relation to harvest time. “Buy your fruit and vegetables directly from the farmer or a fruit shop that can tell you when and where the produce was grown,” Councillor Abrahams said. Public opinion in West End revealed 80% identify freshness as being one week to a month from harvest;...

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QLD set to rock 2013 Deadly Awards

It’s great for Queensland that there happens to be so many songwriters and bands in the music line-up this year, Deadly Awards Executive Maryann Weston said yesterday. The 19th annual Deadly Awards feature two Queensland nominations in four of the seven musical categories  including, Female Artist of the Year (Christine Anu and Simone Stacy), Band of the Year (Dubmarine and The Medics) and Single Release of the Year (Simone Stacy and Thelma Plum). Voting closes this Sunday 18th August for the Deadlys’ national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander excellence awards, and the ceremony will be held on 10th September at the Sydney...

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