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Paniyiri celebrates forty fabulous years

BRISBANE – it’s this weekend!! The 40th anniversary PANIYIRI GREEK FESTIVAL and Australia’s favourite Greek Princess EFFIE is leading the celebrity charge to GO GREEK. Joining her is a list of stars that is guaranteed to melt your haloumi and sweeten your honeypuffs!!  There’s Home & Away stars George Mason and Philippa Northeast; House Rules Queensland twins Luke and Cody Cook; My Kitchen Rules semi-finalists Zana Pali and Gianni Romano, Brisbane’s first lady of cakes in Jocelyn Hancock, wonderful Greek YiaYias (grandmothers) who may (or may not) reveal their cooking and dancing secrets, some of Queensland’s leading authors and...

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The Krishnas are turning 50!

In 1965 an elderly saintly monk journeyed from India to America to begin a spiritual revolution, giving spiritual wisdom to a world dissatisfied with a life of materialism. It was 50 years ago, on 12th July 1966, that ISKCON’s Founder AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada  incorporated his international spiritual movement that continues to dynamically flourish world-wide. To celebrate this milestone, ISKCON centres worldwide are holding various events and a hardcopy magazine has been published for international distribution to the general public. Please visit to find out more on local 50th celebratory events. ISKCON has come a long way in...

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Reef bleaching and #climatechange link explained – The Conversation EDO

Great Barrier Reef bleaching would be almost impossible without climate change Andrew King, University of Melbourne; David Karoly, University of Melbourne; Mitchell Black, University of Melbourne; Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, The University of Queensland, and Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, UNSW Australia The worst bleaching event on record has affected corals across the Great Barrier Reef in the last few months. As of the end of March, a whopping 93% of the reef has experienced bleaching. This event has led scientists and high-profile figures such as Sir David Attenborough to call for urgent action to protect the reef from annihilation. There is indisputable evidence...

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Geelong Star super trawler killing marine life – again

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has expressed outrage that the Geelong Star super trawler has been caught yet again catching and killing marine life. A statement released by the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) stated that the trawler had killed “a higher than expected” number of albatross. AMCS Fisheries Campaigner Josh Coates said this should be the final straw for the trawler. “Last year the Geelong Star killed dolphins, seals and sharks. Now the trawler is killing albatross. How many protected species is the Geelong Star going to be allowed to catch before it’s stopped from fishing? “We...

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Karel Boele, People Decide Candidate for The Gabba Ward #BCCVOTES

Do you live in the Gabba Ward? Briefly, outline your history in the Ward. Yes, I bought my first home in the Gabba Ward a couple of years ago. In what ways do the policies and principles promoted by the People Decide Party best represent your personal values? I love the freedom and giving EVERYONE in the community a vote on the decisions made in council. I love getting peoples’ help in making decisions. Other parties get stuck fighting with each other in an outdated political system. We need a new system where people get to vote online on...

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