ABSOE3The second phase of construction on West Village will begin on Tuesday 3 May. (Note: The first phase of site preparation, asbestos removal and demolition of internal sheds was carried out during April 2016 after Brisbane City Council approval in March 2016 of the Development Application for the first two apartment buildings). 

The construction jobs are the first of 2,000 jobs the West Village development will create for Brisbane. 

Preparatory work will commence for the demolition of the structure at the western end of the site known as the Freezer and Admin Building. The southern end of the building fronts Little Jane Street. 

Over two weeks, the building contractors will remove internal fixtures from the Freezer and Admin Building. A specialist licenced company will then remove asbestos from this building and from the building most recently known as The Motor Room. 

At the conclusion of the preparatory work, demolition of both buildings will begin and take five to six weeks. 

Equipment required for the demolition program will be delivered to the site via Mollison Street. All vehicles removing demolition material from the site will enter and exit via Mollison Street. 

A notice has been delivered to residents and businesses surrounding the site to advise of these construction activities.