Community Forum to look at alternatives to the mainstream banking system.

Many of us wonder why there are so many crazy, shortsighted decisions that threaten our planet and our communities. That’s because they don’t yet understand the driving power of money. This conference will make clear our problems and our solutions are largely to be found in the way we create money.

Currently 97% of money is credit created by private banks as loans, demanding interest. Interest is 2 to 3 times the original debt, and is 50% of most prices. Individuals try to repay interest with money that has not yet been created. Thus we trash the environment, compete, feel stressed, bankrupt small business, exploit foreign workers and cause inflation. Inflation impoverishes the elderly and drives up house prices beyond most young families’ reach. All to serve an outdated money system which enriches only 1% of the population. This can be changed!

If we resume public money creation and banking, we can boom economically and end Abbotts’ austerity programmes. We can flourish as a community and take time to repair our pressured environment. Its full of hope and its easy!

Liz Elliott on Banking Basics
Karen Mutton on Future Crises
Helena Norberg-Hodge on Globalization and Localization
Positive Money videos on How we can Fix this Financial Fraud

From 9.30 am
Saturday 6th December
49 Dornoch Terrace West End Q 4101
$50-35 inc lunch $20 unwaged (negotiable)

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