coalplant“What about renewables?” asks the Queensland Conservation Council.

With the recent announcement by Prime Minister Tony Abbot that North Queensland needed a base-load power station, the Queensland Conservation Council is asking whether the Prime Minister is talking about coal-fired power or is he talking about renewable power?

Nichola Hungerford, QCC Coordinator said today ‘with over 300 days of sunshine each year in Townsville – surely the Prime Minister should be focusing on renewables.’

‘Fact… the more we burn coal for electricity, the more we cause global warming.

‘We need to keep coal in the ground if we are going to avoid dangerous global warming and all its consequences – hotter weather, increased floods, more intense storms and cyclones and damage to the Great Barrier Reef.

‘When other countries are closing down dirty coal-fired power stations because of the health impacts, any notion of building antiquated, dirty coal-fired power in North Queensland is laughable.

“We should be shifting to clean, safe energy options if we want to protect our families and the Queensland we know and love.’

‘The Prime Minister should use the money available for Northern Australia to harness the renewable energy potential that can provide jobs and clean energy to the North.