Visions Gallery to Close

Old factories are not always just empty and unproductive eyesores: often, behind the peeling paint and cracked windows, they can be hubs of community creativity.

The heritage listed Peters Ice Cream Factory in West End has been a home for emerging artists and performers for the past 15 years, but at the end of April the developers will take over, and the building will be retained and restored as part of the new West Village housing and retail precinct.

Manager Steven Bowerman of Visions Gallery, and artists Terry Alan and Rachel Apelt who have studio space in the building, reflect on the building closure and what it means for them.

Steven Bowerman told The Westender that he has been having positive discussions with the developers about part of the old building being set aside for an arts or performance space.

Steven is throwing an End of An Era Party at Visions Gallery on FRIDAY 29 April from 5.00pm.

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A Future for Boundary Street Market

In just a few weeks’ time, the sounds music and of sizzling foods at the Boundary Street Markets will also give way to the sounds of jackhammers and demolition. The question for locals and market goers is whether the markets can survive in a new location. The last weekend for the Boundary Street Markets in its current location will be the 23rd of April.

The last weekend for the Boundary Street Markets and The Motor Room in their existing venues will be the 23rd of April. Market Manager Dave Bostock is still in negotiations for a new location but is confident the show will go on come the 30th of April.

Market goers and Dave Bostock talk here about what the market represents… and about whether it has a future.

Broadcast on ABC 612 on Tuesday 29 March