Your will

Your will won’t matter much to you
but it will mean a lot to your family

None of us really want to think about dying, so it may not surprise you that over 40 percent of Aussies die without making a will.

Of course, squabbling over the family home is hardly an edifying experience and so a bunch of researchers at University of Queensland have set out to explore our attitudes to laying down the law about what happens to our stuff when we are no longer here to watch over it.

Professor Cheryl Tilse wants to talk to people over 45 who do not have a will, or have complicated circumstances. The research carried out by UQ’s School of Social Work and Human Services Associate will help farmers, people with blended families, the very wealthy and people with assets in different countries.

There’s just one little catch. Not many people are putting up their hand to talk about the will they do not have, or the assets they don’t know how best to organise.

If you have complicated assets, or have not got around to making a will yet call Rachel at UQ and have a chat about how you can help them help all of us. They’d certainly appreciate the effort. Rachel can be reached on 3346 9090 or