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IKEA has collaborated with 12 street artists from around the world to debut IKEA Art Event April 2015.

From Serbia to Sweden and San Francisco to Spain, IKEA has scoured the globe to uncover 12 street artists to create a limited-edition collection of 12 unique street art posters that will bring the urban art form to everyone.

The Art Event Limited Collection will give art-lovers around the world the chance to bring a piece of street art home. The 12 designs combine a spectrum of different techniques; from spraying and throwing paint to fine drawing, stencils and collage.

Each of the artists has created a unique motif for IKEA and each design contains a strong story or message from the artist. The artists are a mix of high-profile street artists and up and coming challengers, spanning 12 different cities.

Street art, in its spirit is fleeting, so too is this collection. The short run of prints will be available in store on a first come first serve basis and once sold out, will not return to shelves.

Priced at $14.99 each, the collection offers an affordable way to inject a splash of urban street art into the home, an art form that hasn’t been available to ‘bring home’, until now, officially hitting IKEA stores on 2 April.

For more info about the IKEA Art Event 2015:

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