Sarah Foley and Suzanne Bosanquet with the statues

Local architectural firm Bosanquet Foley  are investing in the role of arts, culture and creative expression in the community. They have bequested a trio of “Skittles” sculptures to the rooftop terrace of recently completed Ronald McDonald House, to bring joy and colour to the lives of the families of sick children in the adjacent Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital.   

“Investing in creativity,” according to the architects, “effects change in the health community through creating stimulation and vibrancy to otherwise clinical spaces.”   

The colourful grouping of bulbous lifesaver and swimmers sculptures, variously 60 – 90cm high, encourage lively interaction.  Their robust fibreglass construction invites them to be embraced and pushed about.  

 Architects, Sarah Foley and Suzanne Bosanquet are tenacious, persistent and creative and these qualities have resulted in a longstanding boutique architectural practice based in Woolloongabba, near the hospital. Bosanquet Foley Architects is a diverse and dynamic collaboration combining art, architecture and motherhood.

 The architectural output is a spectrum of work. “Our work is characterised by a sense of livability, enjoyment and experience of space and not limited by a defined aesthetic. Our architecture has recognisable themes and consistent architectural values but each project is an individual response to context and end user requirements.”

 They have celebrating twelve years as an architectural practice in the construction industry. “We thrive on creativity and challenges. We have been commissioned for over 400 projects throughout Australia and are absolutely thrilled to have projects recognized locally and internationally.” Recent international recognition has been received for the quality, inventiveness and structural finesse of a project. “These qualities are always what we, as architects, strive for.”

 Practice Principals, Sarah and Suzanne have young six children collectively and Motherhood has invested incredible efficiency and organisation within the practice. Parenthood really injects fun to the practice, with interactive art projects that aim to promote the importance of play as an experience and an educational tool. A lego ‘playscape’ legacy has been entrusted to the Western Australian  Gallery of Art travelling throughout remote areas of the state; various scales of Paper Tyvek Boats have graced the GOMA Art Gallery precinct of Brisbane as part of Out of the Box festival and the trio of bobbling fibreglass swimmer Skittles, now featured at Ronald McDonald house, have taken in the sunset at the international art festival “Sculpture by the Sea”.

 The pair’s friendship spans over twenty years. “We met studying architecture at UQ where we developed an instant rapport through a mutual interest in the more social side of university.”  “Sarah was always making amazingly intricate models and prolific rambling drawings.” “Suzanne was a vocal student activist and was key to establishing a successful national student network within the profession representational body.” 

  Both Sarah and Suzanne’s industry experience has been recognised with their appointments as long term examiners for professional Registration, Award Jurors, Educators at both QUT and UQ and architectural critic for various well established publications such as Monument and Houses magazines.  Suzanne is president of the Woolloongabba Business Association. 

 “The medical precinct of South Brisbane is an important part of our city. Creative collaboration with the community is integral and we are thrilled with this ongoing investment in the local community.”