Tamika Hilder

Tamika Hilder offers inspiration as a key to success

Self-help has always been a commercially focused industry, despite its roots in the soft-sciences, belief and some esoteric thinking. As the most successful branch of the publishing industry and public-speaking circuit it has become an industry in its own right.

Tamika Hilder is one of the transformation coaches who has completed the cross-over, now successfully coaching business leaders in the attitudes and belief frameworks that lead to success. One of her fundamental tenets is that we limit our success through our habitual expectations and approaches.

For a hundred bucks you could be one of twelve business owners at lunch with Tamika to find the keys and unlock your potential.

As mindset is the foundation of all success and prosperity, join Tamika as she shares the 6 keys that are necessary for a6-figure mindset.

Tamika will not only share with you how she created a half-a-million dollar business in only 1 year, but the exact powerfulvisualisations and breakthrough processes she went through to achieve that. Her transformational and hands-on approach will assist you to bust through your limiting beliefs around expanding your business and increasing your profit.

  • Learn a step-by-step mindset for making more money in your business
  • Experience powerful processes that will allow you to become more of a magnet for money in your business, increase your vitality and allow you to receive more abundance in all of your life
  • Simple techniques to give you greater clarity and direction in your business
  • Understand the law of attraction and how your thoughts create your outcome
  • Activate the innate power you have within to create the success you deserve

About Tamika Hilder

Tamika is a Transformational Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker, Writer and Spiritual Teacher and assists people in unleashing the power they have within to create an abundant and fulfilling life aligned with their soul’s purpose.

As an intuitive transformational coach to many high-level entrepreneurs including Olympic Coach Steve Anderson and a passionate speaker, Tamika has assisted thousands in her one on one sessions and programs in clearing the deeper blocks to greater abundance, prosperity and success.

As energy is the source of all things, Tamika assists her clients in creating the vibrational alignment needed to manifest all they desire in their business, relationships and life. She does this through helping them to clear the deeper blocks in the way to achieving the mindset needed for success.

Summit Events Centre, Level One,
9:45am for 10:00am start, 12:00 noon finish

The Iceworks Building, Cnr Given Tce & Dowse St. Paddington

2 levels of undercover parking underneath Iceworks. On street parking also available.
Tickets $97.00 including GST and Morning Tea