Westender eats cheesecake

Identify this establishment and get Westender home delivered for three months, free.

The new Westender Eats section has proven very popular with readers, especially the pithy editor’s picks, the HOT and SWEET panels and the regular recipe from Kurilpa Community Childcare Centre. These will be complemented next month by a range of short news bites, allowing us to air more views in fewer words.

As Westender tours around 4101, restauranters and café owners are vying for these sought after spots. Here you can see one contender for the SWEET panel, a passionfruit cheesecake served with Earl Grey Tea. The first reader to correctly identify the establishment in which the cheesecake was sold, photographed and eaten will get a free three month subscription to Westender.

Just put your answer in the comment box, below. We’ll take it from there.