Westender has been West End’s urban voice for 21 years. Founding editor, Kerrod Trott has been joined by long-time publisher, broadcaster and internet pioneer, Geoff Ebbs to bring the Westender into the electronic age.

They have been joined by a team of citizen journalists, journalism and art students and other local people with an urge to fund and express their voice. After six months online, the publication is back in print and going from strength to strength.

Originally a weekly tabloid newspaper it has been the voice of the community, with locals writing about locals for locals. That tradition has continued up to the present day, even though many of the locals now come from all corners of the globe and we are somewhat more densely settled than we were in 1992.

In between, Westender was a colourful fortnightly A4 publication, until the floods and family illness knocked the stuffing out of the little paper with a big heart.

We look forward to working closely with you to let the world know just what a wonderful place our West End truly is.

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