“The 2nd Annual Kurilpa Beggars’ Banquet To Conclude The 9th Annual Kurilpa Derby”

Sunday, October 23rd 2016

Last year, while the street was still closed after the Kurilpa Derby, community members set up tables and chairs for a sit down community dinner.  The dinner was entirely free because we did the whole thing ourselves.  The good news is … it’s on again and, like last year, everything is free.

All we had to do last year was provide a space on the street and community members did the rest.

Many will be bringing their family and friends down for dinner but there will also be those who will use the opportunity to invite strangers and make new friends.  Hosts are encouraged to put aside at least one or two places for strangers.  So if you would like to host a table or be a guest at someone else’s table contact the organisers before hand.

Hosts are responsible for everything to do with their table but a team of organisers are there to assist with things like sourcing furniture, printing tickets and matching up otherwise dinnerless beggars with tables.

Both the Beggars’ Banquet and the Kurilpa Derby will be alcohol free so unfortunately no one will be having an aperitif or digestive wine with dinner.  “But on the other hand” says organiser, Adrian Buzolic, “There will be entertainment throughout including musicians, poets and circus performers and we’ll be the guests of honour.  And there are a number of licensed premises are nearby so thirsty beggars and banqueteers can pop out for a quick tipple anytime they like.”

There may be special rewards for the best themed tables and the best dressed diners but hey, dressing up and showing off is bound to happen whether it’s encouraged or not.

So those wanting to be involved as a diner, a caterer or both should contact the organisers on facebook by searching for “The Beggars’ Banquet 2016” or via text at 0411 707395 and email on buzolica@ozemail.com.au.

Organisers would also like to hear from you if you can lend tables and chairs for the evening or help out with transport.  And if you’re a business they’d be more than happy to acknowledge your contribution publically.  Even restaurants can set up a table as a promotion for themselves.  They’ll be able to do everything they normally do except charge.

“We’re always concerned about the possibility that community events might impinge on local businesses” said West End Community Association president Erin Evans, “but we think the Beggars Banquet will be a benefit rather than an impediment.

“The Derby brings thousands of both locals and visitors into Boundary Street and we’d like to get them to stay for a little longer and start to think about dinner” said Evans.  “Some of them will join us for the Banquet but no doubt most will be looking for a restaurant meal.  The day has always been good for local businesses.”

“The Derby grew from a very modest beginning and we expect the Beggars Banquet to do the same” says Buzolic.  “Last year we had 17 tables of blissful beggars and boastful banqueteers.  This year we’re expecting at least twice that amount.”

“This Beggars’ Banquet will be all about the community getting together and sharing our hospitality, our food, and our friendship.  And the vibe – it will be all about the vibe!”