John Dwyer with Jerry Seinfeld

John Dwyer watches his favourite coup on set at the client’s

John Dwyer from the Institute of Wow lived up to his name at the South West Chamber of Commerce breakfast at West End’s Loft this month.

He spelt out the basic rules of marketing, which most of the audience agreed they already knew and then not so gently reminded us all that almost none of us followed them.

In a range of examples from print advertising, websites, vehicle signage and television advertisements he pointed out that most of us throw our promotional budgets away without really knowing what we are doing.

Of course, he is offering his expertise to address this on a commercial basis but we are all in business here and none of us mind being sold to when the product is worth finding out about.

With rolling events moving between West End’s Loft, The Brisbane Golf Club in Tennyson and Robertsons Gardens in Macgregor, South West Chamber of Commerce is getting around its footprint in style.

Next month’s breakfast on March 6th is just over a week away. To be held at the Brisbane Golf Club, the breakfast will feature Brett Chamberlain, author of $30,000 in 30 minutes. Be there to hear the 30 minute spiel worth one thousand dollars a minute.

Full details, including booking, at The South West Chamber website