Paradox Show 2023, held at the Thomas Dixon Centre at Montague Road West End on Friday, 3 November, showcased the many students and dances at the Paradox Studio Y.C.V Dance School. The Tinies in their multicoloured tutus softened the audience’s collective heart, with tiny girls in pink, coral, lavender, blue and yellow tutus showing us their ballet steps. The experience was like watching a garden grow.

A pink world followed with a boy and girls “dancing the right way”. A solo hip-hop number enthralled us.

How on earth did the parents prepare all the costumes? There were many dance routines, each with its own costume. And they were all sparkly and easy to move in. I counted 37 groups or solos before the finale with the whole school. A logistical achievement of a high order.

Paradox Show 2023, held at the Thomas Dixon Centre.
Paradox Show 2023, held at the Thomas Dixon Centre.

Next week is “Bring a Friend” day, so if you already know someone at the school, go along with them to learn more.

The Ballerinas were gracious and light, bringing a touch of magic to the programme.

The Saturday morning class “Introduction to Dance” introduces young people to the basics. The studio is at 19 Burke Street, Woolloongabba.

International street dance is high energy for 3 – 6-year-olds. They are introduced to many dance styles in addition to balance, teamwork, splits, bridges and handstands. It was a delight to see tiny children dancing to music with the lyrics “I am strong, I am confident, I am cool, I am stylist and I am healthy”.

Latin style was exhibited by the foundation’s group. The teenagers generated some high-energy moves against a fabulous light backdrop.

In addition, the school has a senior competition team. They encourage the groups, solos and duets to set and achieve goals. The school is seeking more students interested in dance competitions. Do you have a goal around dance? Is this school for you?

Acrobatics, hip hop, international street dance, Latin, African, ballet, jazz and experimental styles are taught, with plenty of room to innovate. The school seeks out students from all cultures and encourages dancers from the various immigrant diaspora to express themselves and share their steps.

Paradox Show 2023, held at the Thomas Dixon Centre.
Paradox Show 2023, held at the Thomas Dixon Centre.

The school was established by Yasim and Suzi Coronado after Yasim left behind a professional career in Cuba to come to Brisbane. It’s open to students from 3 to 103.

If this evening of dance is anything to go by, there’s plenty of room to enjoy yourself at the studio. The students worked very well together, and the team ensured costume changes were executed like lightning. Shout out to Val behind the scenes. The night ended with some very happy dancers and very proud parents and teachers.

Sound, lighting and organisation fully supported the dancers, who wore full makeup in their various costumes. It was a visual delight, with the audience foot-tapping all night. If you love dance, this studio would be a great place to visit. What might be possible for you?

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All images by Kerry McGovern