CoalContinuing cuts in China’s coal use sounds warning bell for Queensland communities reliant on coal, says Queensland conservation Council.

Analysis released yesterday by The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) has shown that Chinese coal use continues to show a steady rate of decline.

Queensland Conservation Council’s spokesperson Kirsten Macey said that this should sound a warning bell for Queensland communities reliant on coal mining.

“China is moving steadily away from coal use because it is causing dangerous pollution in many cities across China”, Ms Macey said.

“China is increasing its use of solar and wind-generated energy and relying less on coal for electricity production.

“Queensland’s regional communities reliant on coal mining are going to start to feel the pressure from this Chinese decline in demand for coal.

“Last year China, along with the US, committed to reducing greenhouse pollution; another sign that the whole picture is changing globally. And this year, China announced it is increasing its renewable energy targets.

“We know that climate change is real and that coal burning is the major source of greenhouse pollution causing climate change”, said Ms Macey.

“We need to keep coal in the ground if we are going to avoid dangerous climate change and all its consequences – hotter weather, increased floods, more intense storms and cyclones.

“Queensland’s regional communities are going to be affected as the world moves to keep coal in the ground. It’s up to our leaders to start thinking about what this means for regional jobs and communities”, said Ms Macey.

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