Art Union prize: “Katz’s Lower East Side NYC” by contemporary Brisbane artist Adam Lester

Barbara’s* enduring power of attorney was being misused by her daughter who refused to help her find alternative accommodation and withdrew a significant amount of money from Barbara’s bank account.

The person vested with the power to change Barbara’s circumstances, her daughter, refused phone calls from both Barbara and the nursing home.

Barbara experienced despair as a result of living amongst people who were too unwell to communicate with her. Her requests to change her colostomy bag were often overlooked by staff, resulting in leakage from the bag.

Caxton’s Seniors Legal and Support Service (SLASS) stepped in and assisted Barbara to have her enduring power of attorney revoked.

SLASS helped Barbara move into an unlocked area of the nursing home where she now lives among people she can talk to, and can come and go as she pleases. Staff are proactive in their care now, attending to Barbara’s health needs to ensure she retains her dignity.

A social worker and solicitor worked hand-in-hand to instigate legal proceedings and emotionally support Barbara through her traumatic experience.

Caxton Legal Centre needs your contribution to assist more clients like her  – buy a ticket for Caxton’s Art Union for just $100 to put you in the running to win the painting “Katz’s Lower East Side NYC” by Adam Lester. Only 200 tickets will be sold so act quickly to make a difference in 2016.

*Client has been de-identified

Tickets close and are drawn on 22 December 2016.

Winner will be notified by telephone.

Artwork is 122cm x122cm acrylic on canvas, insured at $5,800

Secure your ticket(s) by filling in the form located on Caxton’s website at: