Art Shed, Brisbane’s beloved and iconic art supply store, is back in business after the February Floods in West End.

A meter of flood water inundated the store earlier this year. Undeterred, the team operated for a time from a smaller area upstairs until late August, when their 600m2 ‘downstairs’ was reopened.

Excited creative people report they feel like kids in a (massive) candy store now that Australia’s largest art supply store is refreshed, brighter and fully re-stocked with an even more comprehensive range of art materials. The reopening is a great relief for our arts community.

Meg (red top), Anna with buddy, and some of the team.

Over the past 15 years, thousands of people have benefited from this business’ democratising ethos of great service and advice from art-loving staff and fair pricing. Art Shed Brisbane has always been inclusive, offering a comprehensive range of materials for everyone, from beginners to professional artists. Locals remember the turnout of hundreds in the attempt to set a world record for the biggest life drawing class and the free art demonstrations held regularly over the years.

Meg, Manny and the staff were very moved and encouraged by the frequent daily expressions of concern, encouragement and support offered by customers during the renovations.

“It is clear that our store is more than just another place to get supplies, and it’s heartening that our goal to ‘inspire creativity’ in our community is acknowledged and appreciated by people,” said Manny. “We’re delighted to welcome everyone back – We know they’ll be thrilled!”

Art Shed Brisbane is open 7 days at 274 Montague Road in West End.

Phone 38461330