We are trying to make a better form of government that doesn’t just move back and forth between left and right, or isolates certain people, groups or industry. We are trying to build a new form of government that empowers us, increases our awareness and knowledge, makes us feel engaged and actually interests us. Where we all contribute to and vote on the laws that affect us. Changing the established system to give more power to all of us involves more than just getting elected. It has involved raising awareness and educating people about the new model, refining it with feedback from you, building a voting system and more.

The People Decide voting system is up to version 3 and we are proud to know that it is an Australia first now for over a year. We have only just integrated our voting system and emailing system. That’s why you haven’t heard from us for a while.

I, Karel Boele, will be running on the People Decide platform as an Independent for South Brisbane. We will have 2-3 other independent candidates around Brisbane, we will announce them soon.

Help us move to the next stage and vote for us with a “1” at the State Election on Saturday 25th November. It HAS to be a “1” because we are trying to change the system, so we need your vote ahead of the established parties. Please remember you must also number all the other boxes in order of your choice to make your vote valid.

I look forward to representing you in Parliament – truely representing you, like democracy should be, not like it is now where politicians just become part of the system and do what they get told to do, but where you get to tell government what you want and government has to do what you say.

Karel Boele
Independent Candidate for South Brisbane

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