A stronger approach is needed by the LNP to counter illegal Japanese whaling in Antarctic waters, according to former Greens Leader and environmentalist Bob Brown.

Last week during a media conference, the former Greens leader called for the LNP to increase its naval presence in the southern ocean due to the looming presence of an illegal Japanese whaling fleet.

“Australia should send naval vessels to our Antarctic waters to make a show against the illegal slaughter of our whales.

“These are the same whales giving birth in Australian waters right now.

Brown criticised Frydenberg and the LNP for not referring the matter to the International Court of Justice.

“The minister has made no mention of going back to the International Court of Justice which ruled against Japan’s whale butchery in 2014.”

“Environment Minister Frydenberg’s criticism of Japan comes with no plan of action. He says the government is ‘tireless’ in its opposition but in fact it is tiresome, predictable, feeble and ineffective.”

Last month, the Japanese Parliament passed a series of laws which will allow for the protection of commercial whaling fleets from activist intervention groups.

The former parliamentarian referred back to a statement made by Liberal Greg Hunt, who in 2013 said, “The (Labor) government should stop turning a blind eye to whaling in our waters and should have a Customs vessel in the Southern Ocean”.

Mr Brown said a national poll conducted in late 2015 by Roy Morgan Research showed that
77% of Australians agree our government should send a vessel to oppose Japanese whaling.