With this year’s 30,000-strong Bridge to Brisbane fun-run only days away, the track can look and feel starkly different for the almost one in five Queenslanders living with a disability.

Enter Brisbane local, Jason Mayweather. Living with Cerebral Palsy, Jason has been passionate about staying fit and active his whole life.

Words by Jason Mayweather

Living with Cerebral Palsy has meant that I have had Spastic Quadriplegia my entire life, which has impacted every movement I take physically, mentally and emotionally. Sports has been at the centre of my life for decades, and the drive behind it motivates me immensely; Bridge to Brisbane is no different. My Spastic Quadriplegia means all my limbs are impacted, predominantly in my legs, and so I’ll be conquering the race with my team at Spinal Life Australia with a power chair.

All my life, specialist doctors and other health professionals are quick to tell me what I can’t do and what I should settle for or accept – with ceilings becoming quite apparent. However, I take it upon myself to break these ceilings one by one, and I’m proud to do what seemingly can’t be done and complete the unthinkable!

Preparation for this race looks a little different to the usual. I’ve been working with my team at Spinal Life Australia closely, in conjunction with my exercise physiologist, to maintain my strength and conditioning program four to five times a week. As well as also seeing my Allied Health Assistant for my regular stretches and range of motion program – the more mobility in my muscles, the easier it is for me with pain management and regular day to day activities.

Bridge to Brisbane is a race that I’m personally quite passionate taking on with my team and I’m rearing to go for the second year in a row!

My goal and passion behind Bridge to Brisbane comes from the fact that it’s a meaningful way to give back to Spinal Life for their constant above and beyond support of me.

Jason Mayweather

I absolutely encourage others to take part. It’s a great way to socialise, meet like-minded individuals, bond with others and all while giving back to such worthy organisations and causes close to people’s hearts. For those living with disability, partaking in activities like this proudly shows representation of our community, and it can be so important to the rehabilitation process.

Get out there and get racing!

Images of Jason supplied.

Bridge to Brisbane is on Sunday, October 15 2023.

Translink says participants can travel free on South East Queensland trains (excluding Airtrain services) and Brisbane City Council buses from the early morning until 3pm on race day, Sunday 15 October:

  • Public Transport is the easiest and most convenient way to travel to and from the Bridge to Brisbane event this weekend.
  • Additional train and bus services will run to help participants travel to and from the event
  • Customers are encouraged to plan their trip in advance by visiting the Translink website, downloading the MyTranslink app or calling 13 12 30.