On Thursday 6 May 2021, Brisbane Seniors Online had the pleasure of a visit by Dr Amy MacMahon, State member for South Brisbane to inspect the facilities, meet volunteer office staff members and talk with the publicity officer Dick Bennett on what Brisbane Seniors Online does for seniors and over 50s in the community.

Dr MacMahon showed great interest in what Brisbane Seniors Online had been doing for almost 20 years in helping learners become confident in using emerging technology including the internet. We welcomed her visit and intention to assist in the promotion and recruitment of new learners and volunteer mentors in order to keep this fantastic service going. Brisbane Seniors Online really welcomes new mentors to carry out this work and encourages anyone with skills to teach seniors and over 50s on Apple, Windows, Android and emerging technology.

Tuition is carried out by a volunteer unpaid mentor in the learner’s own home on their own device and at a pace that suits them. Learners are shown things they want to know or need to know to use technology and the internet safely and confidently. This includes identifying and avoiding the proliferation of scams targeting the community and computer and internet users.

An affordable fee of $20 joining (one-off) and $45 a year gives as a guide 12 home lessons. Once formal training is completed, the learner is offered ongoing support for the balance of the year should they need assistance. Applications can be made online through the BSOL website.

For more information, contact the Brisbane Seniors Online Woolloongabba Training facility and HQ on 3393 2225 or see www.bsol.asn.au

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