Ever considered being a patron of the arts? Well here’s your chance.

House Conspiracy, a new non-profit arts space in West End, is looking for people who are interested in sponsoring its resident artists. The end of the calendar year is always a good time to review budgets and make plans for the new year, and while opportunities for giving seem endless, not many are as local and intimate as is being proposed by House Conspiracy.

From February 2017 House Conspiracy will provide free and low-cost rental to individuals, community groups, and local businesses.  In its first year of operation, 68 curated artists will undertake three-week residencies in House Conspiracy’s four private upstairs studios over 17 cycles.

Each artist will exhibit or perform their work at House Conspiracy showcase events.

Become a Patron

House Conspiracy wants to provide each artist with a rent-free studio and small stipend to cover some expenses. Making a tax-deductable donation will support emerging artists in our local community.

Jonathan O’Brien, Creative Director of House Conspiracy, says that Patrons will have the opportunity to be recognised on the House Conspiracy website and at each artist’s showcase. Founding Patrons will be given the opportunity to name a studio and will be offered a place on the House Conspiracy Advisory Board.

Patrons can also develop a relationship with their sponsored artists throughout the year.

Jonathan O’Brien was interviewed recently on ABC radio Brisbane. Click link to hear more about the project.


For more information about House Conspiracy go to their website at houseconspiracy.org or check Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/houseconspiracy