With less than three weeks till Neighbor Day, Australians everywhere are preparing to celebrate their community on Sunday, 29 March.

Relationships Australia, the new home for Neighbor Day, is asking people to tell their story of a wonderful neighbor or an extraordinary neighborly act. There is a prize pool of more than $1000 to be won for the best stories nationally.

“The community you want starts at your front door,” according to Alison Brook, National Executive Officer for Relationships Australia. “We all feel better when we feel we belong, so as part of Neighbor Day we’re encouraging people everywhere to get together, have a cuppa or a barby, organize a street party or simply start a conversation with those who live around you.”

Trust_Yer_Neighbor_But_Brand_Yer_Cattle_(3241454187)You’ll find everything you need to help organize your Neighbor Day event at www.neighbourday.org  You can also follow them on Twitter (@NeighbourDay) or connect on Facebook (neighbourday). Everyone is encouraged to register their Neighbor Day event to access event invitations, selfie signs, posters, calling cards and other great resources.

If you are planning on organizing a larger event or what to find out about other events in your local community the Neighbor Day team suggests getting in contact your local council for further information.

Now in its twelfth year, this year’s Neighbor Day on 29 March is shaping up to be an exciting celebration of community. All over Australia neighbors, local councils, businesses, and community groups are organizing barbeques, street parties, morning teas and community gatherings in an effort to get to know the people around them.

Neighbor Day was founded in Melbourne in March 2003 by Andrew Heslop after the remains of an elderly woman, Elsie Brown were found inside her suburban home. Andrew Heslop is a community activist, social commentator and well known Australian. In January 2014 Andrew handed responsibility for Neighbor Day to Relationships Australia to build and grow.


Enter your neighbor day story at http://www.neighbourday.org/resources/tell-us-your-story