In 1967, 4000 students marched from the University of Queensland into the city to defy a ban on marching. This civil liberties march was about the right to protest. But it signalled more than a march, it was the sign of a new politics. With growing community support, this current drew on and influenced various political movements in Queensland and beyond.

The march strengthened the opposition to Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War and conscription and was a harbinger of the future mass actions of the moratorium marches and the Springbok demonstrations as well as a new focus on gender and race equity and participatory forms of democracy. This conference celebrates and questions the civil liberties march of 50 years ago, exploring its relevance today.

The conference aims:

  • to celebrate in a critical sense
  • to understand subsequent actions and how they affected the participants
  • to explore how contemporary struggles can be more influential
  1. Session 1 – Remembering the 1967 civil liberties march

Speakers address what happened and the social & political context of the movement

Moderator : Jim Beatson

Welcome to the country – Bob Anderson

Acknowledgment – Peter Wertheim

Speakers – Dan O’Neill, Di Zetlin, Jon Piccini

Panel – speakers plus Lyn Plummer


Session 2 – taking stock

Moderator : Debbie Beattie

Speakers – Jim Prentice, Bob Carnegie, Jennie Harvie, Lilla Watson

Panel – speakers plus Lachlan Hurst, Peter Wertheim, Lynda Boland, Carole Ferrier.


Session 3 – The future is in your hands

Moderator : Greg Mallory & Marian Redman

Speakers – Drew Hutton (Lock the Gate), Prof Ian Lowe (the big picture), Adrian Skerritt (the Cloudland Collective), Cameron Murray (“Game of Mates”), Adrian Burragubba (Adani), Natalie Osborne (urban community action), Ellen Roberts (Get Up).

Panel – speakers plus Jonathan Sri ( Green’s councillor), Gary Foley

Speakers articulate contemporary activism, outlining the forms of organization, communication and problems faced in the present.

Videos, speakers, Q&A. Have your say too. Lunch and afternoon tea provided


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Cost: $30 and includes morning tea and lunch.

$10.00 for students and umemployed

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Sat. 9 September 2017

10.00 am – 5:00 pm AEST

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Emmanuel College, St Lucia

64/70 Upland Rd QLD 4067

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