History Alive: A Journey Through Time is a not-for-profit family-friendly community festival held at Fort Lytton National Park this weekend. The event is presented by Queensland Living History Federation and run by passionate volunteers.

The iconic Fort Lytton National Park is the perfect backdrop for such a unique event where more than 500 re-enactors and historians portray and display almost 10,000 years of history.

History Alive aims to bring Fort Lytton National Park to life by inviting re-enactment and community history groups from all over Queensland to share their passion for history through entertaining and informative representations and displays for the people of South-East Queensland. Following smaller events held at Fort Lytton since 1991, History Alive has been held annually since 2000.

The event celebrates living history, our unique Queensland heritage, and the achievements of hundreds of re-enactors in making history come to life! 

History Alive: A Journey Through Time
Fort Lytton National Park
160 South Street, Lytton
10 & 11 June, 2017
Gates open 9.30 am
What is re-enactment and living history?

Living History is a hobby combining elements of archaeology, research, arts, crafts, martial skill (at times) and, of course, fun.

It is finding out what it meant to be a merchant, a convict, a farmer, a soldier, or a person of means (this list is not restricted) from any time and any location.

It is an attempt to simulate, or re-enact, life in another time – a very tangible and visual interpretation of aspects of social heritage.

It is a three-dimensional history lesson that is entertaining as well as educational; combining the art form of dramatic performance and the discipline of historic research. It is not a medium which is accepting of the mythology of the past.

Living history is widely used throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and North America as an integral form of historic interpretation. Its promotion as a recognised method of preserving elements of our cultural heritage is a significant objective for Queensland Living History Federation Inc.

More info: http://www.historyalive.com.au/