Kerry McGovern reviews The Wife and Her House Husband, Marcus Markou showing at the British Film Festival in November.

Seriously living life? Still connected to a partner, though the string is threadbare? Up for a challenge? This movie may just be the thing you need, if you are brave enough.

One couple – one narrative – London – loss of a baby – negotiating the property settlement of the divorce. That’s it. The film is tightly written, by a playwright. No words are wasted, no facial expression is wasted. The tension starts at the beginning and builds and wanes and builds and wanes and builds until….you’ll have to watch it.

Marcus Markou both wrote and directed this screenplay and self-distributed it this year. He lives and works in the UK. His debut film, self-distributed in 2013, was Papadopoulos and Sons. Markou released The Wife and Her House Husband this year as another idie film. It was made during lockdown and had its own COVID supervisor. Hence the tightness of the script and the absence of crowds in the background.

Brisbane is lucky to get the opportunity to see this film. If you are a keen indie filmmaker, fly to Melbourne (14,15 November) or Sydney (20 November) for a Q&A session with the filmmaker.

It’s a movie for the committed, the desperate and the brave. And the sad. It’s definitely for those partnered and sad. It’s for everyone.

Showing in Brisbane at the Palace Barracks and Palace James Street on 3 November, 8 and 9 November, 16,18 and 29 November. Session times here:


2022 | 87 min | UK | Drama

Director: Marcus Markou

Cast: Laurence Spellman, Laura Bayston


The 2023 Cunard British Film Festival presented by Palace will be in Brisbane’s Palace Cinemas from 2 – 29 November.

This year’s selection includes Anthony Hopkins, Timothy Spall, Olivia Colman, Helena Bonham Carter, Ian McKellen, Helen Mirren, Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson in her final film.

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