South Bank Corporation has partnered with Containers for Change, to usher in a new era of environmental consciousness on South Bank. This collaboration aims to revolutionise recycling practices, providing convenient and accessible container recycling options for both visitors and locals.

Timed perfectly for the busy summer period, South Bank Corporation and Containers for Change have unveiled three state-of-the-art Smart Bins in the heart of South Bank. These solar-powered recycling bins, a first in Queensland, are entirely powered by sunlight, offering an opportunity for everyone to actively participate in South Bank’s sustainability initiatives.

Bill Delves, South Bank Corporation’s CEO, said he is proud of being at the forefront of sustainability initiatives.

“By using these smart recycling bins for drink containers, visitors and locals can directly contribute to the greening of South Bank.”

The impact of this collaboration extends beyond recycling, as each refund collected through the Smart Bins will fuel the development of sustainability projects within the precinct. Delves underscored the importance of effective collaborations in their journey toward creating a circular economy, marking this partnership as a crucial step forward.

The commitment to sustainability is further emphasised with the upcoming rollout of a container collection program across South Bank retailers in the coming months, promising an even broader reach for this eco-friendly initiative.

Natalie Roach, CEO of Container Exchange, said the collaboration will empower locals and visitors to actively participate in South Bank’s circular economy. She highlighted the significant impact of Containers for Change in Queensland, with over 7.3 billion containers returned since the scheme’s inception in 2018.

The innovative Smart Bins, designed and manufactured by Australian start-up Charopy, feature barcode reading technology, ensuring that only eligible containers for 10-cent refunds are accepted. This meticulous process results in a contamination-free stream of recyclable materials, ready to be seamlessly integrated into the circular economy.

As an added bonus, the 10-cent refunds from every container returned will contribute to sustainability projects led by South Bank Corporation.

“This means South Bank’s visitors can now be part of creating a greener precinct for current and future generations to enjoy,” Roach said.

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