Do you live in the Gabba Ward? Briefly, outline your history in the Ward.

Yes, I bought my first home in the Gabba Ward a couple of years ago.

In what ways do the policies and principles promoted by the People Decide Party best represent your personal values?

I love the freedom and giving EVERYONE in the community a vote on the decisions made in council. I love getting peoples’ help in making decisions.

Other parties get stuck fighting with each other in an outdated political system. We need a new system where people get to vote online on the decisions being made in council and with councillors that are contracted to vote with the people if enough people vote on a decision.

I, Karel Boele am contracted to vote with the people on the platform.

What life experiences will you draw on to be an effective representative for Gabba Ward residents? 

For the federal government, I have worked with volunteers. For the NSW government, I set up and run 70 Time Banks in local communities. I run a business specialising in community development and local political representation.


As you move about the Ward what are people telling you about their concerns and hopes for coming years?

They are tired of politics, nothing changes… so let’s change the system and get it so people can vote online for decisions in council and councillors are contracted to vote with the people when enough people vote.

Should Brisbane aspire to be “a new world city”, and if so, how do you envisage that taking shape in The Gabba Ward?

I think Brisbane should fix local issues first. Review traffic corridors, improve public transport, address development concerns to preserve The Gabba’s character and increase community cohesion.

Political donations have been in the headlines over the past year: what is your party’s position on accepting political donations, particularly those from developers?

Because I am contracted to the vote with the people I cannot favour any group, person or interest, because the people might vote it down.

What will your priorities be for 2016, if elected?

To get our online voting system working, we are at version 2 and should be ready when elected. You can register here or I would love to get the first few decisions through council voted on by the people.

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