Vena Cava Productions’ first main stage show of the year is Caryl Churchill’s Love and Information.

First performed in London in 2012, Love and Information is a unique work that could be described as a theatrical channel surfing experience. The play is made up of brief snapshots of interaction flowing together in a one-act, 90-minute experience.

Love and Information is broken down into seven sections, or acts, and within each section are multiple scenelets. The playwright gives each company a choice as to how they order the scenelets, which means no two productions are ever the same.

The ensemble cast juggles a kaleidoscope of cameos, and Director Grace Longwill allowed her actors the freedom to decide how they developed these characters. Only two characters recur throughout the play in scenes entitled Depression; these characters, played by Jazelle White and Nic Davidson, are the first and the last we see on stage.

Each of the seven acts explores a different idea: how we collect information, the consequences of finding things out, disinformation, recollection of information, reactions to information, and miscommunication, all tied together with the thread of love. There are also snippets designed to act as circuit breakers, some of which were very memorably executed on opening night.

The ensemble cast of ten is predominantly a mix of Bachelor of Fine Arts Acting and Drama students in various stages of their professional training at QUT. The set incorporated several household rooms overlapping each other to create a well-loved and lived-in feel. Lighting design by Georgia Sandersan included washes of pinks and purples, adding to the warmth. The scenes were accompanied by projections from Vision Designer Amiel Simpson, which aided audience understanding, especially during the eight-minute Painting and Silence scene!

Love and Information is a great play for anyone preparing an audition for drama school, as monologues from this play are often found on audition set lists.Love and Information runs until 20th April at the New Benner Theatre, Metro Arts.


Photo credit: Isabella Kirkwood, Molly Waters, Taj De Montis, Andrew Oxford, Ruva Maphosa, Azz Oldfield, Georgia Hollis, Nic Davidson.

Photography by Karrine Kanaan. Instagram @karrine_photography