Queensland Government lauds its success at “Delivering results and driving exploration success”.

According to a Media Release just received from the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, key reforms to State Government mining permit approval processes and new service delivery targets are helping to achieve results and drive exploration success for Queensland.

The Director-General of the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines, Dr Brett Heyward, today released a new report highlighting his department’s ongoing work to ensure Queensland remains globally competitive and an attractive destination for exploration investment.

“My department is transforming the way our services are delivered to ensure the state’s resources sector remains globally competitive and our regulatory framework encourages exploration activity and opportunities for sustainable growth in regional Queensland,” he said.

“We are introducing better systems to improve the way mining permits and approvals are decided and setting new customer service delivery targets to make our decision making faster, more open, accessible and transparent.

“We also continue to deliver reforms to improve frontline service delivery, reduce red tape and streamline the regulatory frameworks that support the exploration sector.

“These practical reforms will deliver greater certainty to resource companies and communities alike and make Queensland a more attractive place to do business.”

Dr Heyward said exploration investment by industry in Queensland is at near record levels this year at $1.3 billion; including $1.1 billion in coal and petroleum exploration for the past twelve months.

“Queensland has also increased its market share in private capital investment against the rest of Australia.

“My department’s reform process is already removing obstacles to exploration and mining, but there is much more to do in close partnership with industry, landholders and local communities.”

Dr Heyward said the department’s report outlines some of the key exploration activity indicators and reforms underway.

Key reforms to support increased exploration activity include:

•           A new streamlined assessment pathway for coal and minerals exploration permits, meaning permits not subject to native title can be determined within six months or sooner;

•           New land being released for exploration through competitive tendering and making geoscientific discoveries and new data more accessible;

•           The $30 million Future Resources Program to fund seven new initiatives to help industry maximise the success of exploration ventures and improve Queensland’s geological knowledge;

•           A range of legislative reforms to modernise and simplify the regulatory framework for mining and exploration to cut red and green tape by 20 per cent;

•           Online lodgement for exploration permits modernising the old “over the counter” application system;

•            Expanded self-service and permit maintenance functions for industry through MyMinesOnline.

“I believe this report demonstrates that we are listening to our customers’ feedback for faster, more efficient approval timeframes, and we are actively responding to that call.

“The resources sector is a key pillar in Queensland’s economy and we will continue to collaborate with industry to build a modernised and more efficient regulatory framework that provides greater certainty for exploration activity and investment in Queensland,” Dr Heyward said.

A copy of the DNRM performance highlights and key indicators report is available at: www.dnrm.qld.gov.au