Suncorp with trees

Google street view showing the building as residents have come to know and love it

Confusion reigns as different departments of the Brisbane City Council coordinate their response to community concerns over the disappearance of the tree outside Suncorp at 108 Boundary St West End.

The tree appears to have been removed by Council because of traffic concerns and that there is no intention of replanting another tree to replace it.

The Google Street View shows the Sun Corp building before the storms damaged the two trees on the corner earlier this year. The before and after shots taken by Tony Robertson show the change to the landscape over the weekend.

Readers reported responses ranging from secret contractors in the dead of night, to council officers claiming that police had called for the removal of the trees. Council’s media department is working to obtain an official response for Westender.

We can already report that the police deny making any complaint about the tree, that photographs of the tree being removed during the day indicate there was no secrecy involved and the tree assessment form provided by Council indicates that it was undertaken using standard council procedures.

West End Community Association (WECA) is spearheading a campaign to have the trees replaced and has prepared drawings to alleviate any concerns regarding traffic safety.

We have specifically asked Council to respond to questions regarding community consultation and streetscape design for Boundary St and will report them as soon as they are available.

Suncorp last week

Now you see it

SunCorp without trees

Now you don’t