alcohol1The ALP Government has announced a package of measures to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence.

According to Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath, “This government took a comprehensive plan to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence to the election. We are determined to ensure venues are safe places for everyone to enjoy.

“Our plan is based on the advice of experts in the field and the clear experience of other jurisdictions who are successfully tackling this issue.”

Among the measures announced are:

  • stopping pubs and clubs serving alcohol after 3am;
  • introducing a 1am lock-out;
  • banning the service of high alcohol-content drinks after midnight. This includes any drink that results in the rapid consumption of alcohol, such as shots.

“We’ll back these laws up with intelligence-led policing, increased liquor licensing inspections and education and awareness campaigns,” said Ms D’Ath.

There is no plan to random breath-test drinkers.

The Government is consulting with a broad range of industry and community stakeholders and plans to have legislation before the House this year.