AvacadosImagine poetry being proclaimed the length and breadth of the Kurilpa Peninsula, with every nook and cranny of the region ringing to the rhythm and meter of verse. That’s what the Westender is planning for World Poetry Day, Friday 21st March.

Poetry in the workplace, in the home, in the schools, in clubs and pubs, cafés and restaurants, coffee shops and public transport. A plethora of poets, perchance?

We’re inviting everyone from local businesses, organisations and households to pick up a book of verse and read a poem out loud some time during the day.

Local poetry collective Kurilpa Poets will carry their metaphorical soap boxes to various public venues in the neighbourhood to unleash original verse on unsuspecting passers by.

The day will culminate in a Poetry Extravaganza at the Boundary Hotel, where poets from near and far will compete for the inaugural Westender World Poetry Day Prize, with local businesses supplying the prizes.

Local businesses have sponsored the poets with prizes for Friday night’s performance and funds to pay for their time on Friday afternoon. The businesses include Bent Books, Terry White Pharmacy, Avid Reader, Lock and Load, the Loft, Archive and the Boundary Hotel. Other businesses are still planning to join the fun.

If you want to come and support your local bards get along to the Boundary after 6 on Friday 21 March. Check out the details of the event on Facebook and EventBrite.