Vulture Street in West End is now a little brighter, after hundreds turned out to paint rainbows on a council footpath to show support for the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Organised by Brisbane Greens councillor Jonathan Sri, the aim of the initiative was to send a positive message about the LGBT community, all while bringing a bit of colour to a busy intersection.

Sri  called for locals to come to the bitumen footpath at the corner of Besant St, O’Connell St and Vulture St to lend a hand.

He announced to social-media users earlier in the week:

“If you have a bit of spare paint lying around that you can bring down to donate to the cause, post up in the comments with the colours and quantities, or just rock up on the day and lend a hand as you see fit.

“It would be good to use paints that are designed for outdoor surfaces and will last a while. We’ll try to paint in segments, leaving one part of the footpath clear until the other painted areas have dried so as not to inconvenience any mobility-impaired pedestrians.

“If anyone wants to bring down other things like baked goods or a bit of music to entertain the painters, that would be cool too.”

For more information, visit the Facebook event page.