QCC1Labor Member for South Brisbane and Shadow Arts Minister, Jackie Trad, is calling on the Newman Government to extend the public consultation period for the Cultural Precinct Master Plan after receiving concerns from local residents.

“The Newman Government’s 20 year Cultural Precinct Master Plan released on Monday represents significant change to the physicality of Queensland’s Cultural Precinct including the loss of open public space at South Bank and should be given more than 25 days for community feedback,” Ms Trad said.

“Given the millions already ripped out of the arts sector by the Newman Government, any commitment to the sector is welcomed and I know the cultural institutions are very keen for connectivity between venues.

“However, if this can only be achieved by flogging off public land at South Bank to build high-rises, then the community needs to know and needs to have a proper say.”

Ms Trad said on the issue of protecting public space at South Bank, Mr Newman has proven himself to be again, inconsistent and hypocritical.

She said at the time that the decision was made to relocate the ABC to South Bank, when he was Brisbane Lord Mayor, Mr Newman was reported as saying:

“This is public open space, it’s part of the parklands and it’s been flogged off to the ABC to enrich the South Bank Corporation and ultimately the State Government,” he said. “I think it’s a disgrace.”

“Now, Mr Newman is arrogantly rushing through his new plans for South Bank without giving residents and the community a genuine opportunity to have a say,” Ms Trad said.

“Mr Newman’s track record of managing projects of a public/private nature is appalling. Brisbane residents remember the failed Clem 7 tunnel, the budget blow out with Legacy Way and the ridiculous CityCycle scheme with thousands of bikes gathering rust and dust throughout our city.

“However, even more concerning is the Premier’s management of the 1 William Street project which the Queensland Auditor-General independently concluded would end up costing taxpayers $2.6 billion over the next 10-15 years, Ms Trad said.

“Given that this is a 20 year plan, the local community should be given more than 25 days to have their views canvassed.”

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