Is there such a thing as drug enlightenment?

A few months ago, I wrote on my facebook page Soul Sex, “Some believe drugs are the fast route to enlightenment. In my experience, it’s an illusion. If anything, they set you back”. And of course, this did not sit well for some reading the post.

Maybe too many of them had heard of, ‘A lazy man’s guide to enlightenment’…I’m not sure. I do know however that the above statement is my experience. Having experimented with drugs since a teenager, I feel well and truly warranted to share such a realisation.

Yes it is true that there is a place for drug taking in shamanic ritual, such as ayahuasca. But how many of you are trained shamans? Do you realise that ingesting psychoactive substances is only one aspect of the rigorous training?

As a health practitioner, I have observed that a person who has partaken in these hallucinogenic decoctions is an energetic mess afterwards. Their auric field has been blasted open, enabling them to be one with all. But premature opening, just like forced kundalini awakening, taxes the body…and even the soul.

Psychoactive drugs destroy your protective auric sheath, opening you up to both good and malevolent energies long after the drugs wear off. Mind-altering drugs, both recreational and prescriptive, also leave residue in the energetic field. Chemicals leave gunk and sticky blotches in your aura.

The body is the vehicle of the soul. Becoming your soul and forgetting your vehicle is similar to reckless driving. It’s fun and freeing at the time, but often results in a damaged vehicle, and a battered body.

Sometimes, this can even lead to death, and disconnection of the soul.

Drugs scatter your energetic field, giving you the impression that you are one with all. You need to be one with yourself first however, then you can become one with everything. And coming back to wholeness means reclaiming fragmented aspects.

There really is no easy route to enlightenment, other than surrender. Surrender means letting go of your personal agenda and trusting in the grand plan, even if you don’t understand it. It’s about faith. Forcing enlightenment is like forcing authenticity, it’s just not really possible.

Besides, enlightenment is not a race. We are here on Earth to learn, to acquire experiences, to make discoveries. It is true that taking drugs might be a part of your learning, enabling you to experience the falsity of illusion, but they are not the way to enlightenment.

Ultimately, meditation, not medication, will reconnect you to All That Is. Drugs may open you up and help you see another way, but they won’t get you back to your true essence.

Too often people will take drugs to numb themselves of the harsh realities of life. Once drugs become a crutch, once you become addicted or dependent on anything, you are no longer free. Ascension is about freedom and liberation. You can’t take anything with you, even the effects of your last mind-altering substance.

Sidonie Bouchet is the founder/writer of the popular facebook page Soul Sex. She has recently published her first book Alleluia, a spiritual journey from the dark into the light. She offers Spiritual Alchemy sessions both in Maleny & online. For more information, visit