sewer worksSpeaking of manic Mondays, unfortunately our works contractors have unintentionally hit the water main while undertaking works and we are aware many properties are without water.

Just a quick update on the interruption to water supply on the shopping centre side of Mollison Street. While the shopping centre didn’t lose water, businesses and residents from the Three Monkeys Café down to the Hockings Street intersection. Properties across the road were not affected as they receive water from a different main.

The problem was caused when a fire hydrant under the road was accidentally bumped and its top burst requiring the valve to be shut so the water torrent could be stopped. Once this happened the pressure in another section of water main near Monty’s Spare Parts caused a section of the water main pipe to burst.

Crews have fixed the hydrant and it is expected that our emergency crews will be able to slowly refill the pipes returning supply between the Three Monkeys and 26 Mollison Street. It is hoped that supply will be able to be restored by 7pm.

The next section of main to be repaired is already being cut out and hopefully it will be back on line within an hour of the first one being back on line.

Once you have water back, there may be a chance the water may be a bit milky in appearance, this is just air bubbles in the water and is not harmful to your health. We suggest you run the tap for a few minutes so it can return to a clear state.

Special thanks to the unit managers in the Village West End Apartments who helped distribute letters and water for us today at such short notice and to our crew who are working very hard to restore your water supply. We also appreciate your kind understanding in the way that you have taken action to work around this incident.