What are the barriers and opportunities influencing your approach to waste management at home?

Did you know that by throwing away one burger, you are wasting the equivalent amount of water that would be used in a 90 minute shower? 

My name is Keana and I am studying a Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning (honours) at the University of Queensland. As part of the honours portion of my degree, I am required to completed a thesis. 

My research topic for my thesis is the following: Opportunities and Barriers Influencing the Implementation of Food Waste Management Systems in Greater Brisbane Households.

Essentially, I am looking into what factors may influence a household to participate in sustainable food waste management methods, and what factors may hinder a household to do so. My study area is ‘Greater Brisbane’, defined by five (5) Council areas – Moreton Bay, Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, and the Redlands.

I would absolutely appreciate your participation in my survey. It should take approximately 10-20 minutes.

All other details regarding my survey can be found in the Participant Information Sheet which is attached to the ethics form of my survey via this link – https://survey.app.uq.edu.au/household-waste-management-across-greater-brisbane

The survey was created using a secure UQ endorsed platform known as Checkbox Survey and submissions will be closed midday on Monday 12 September.”

Keana Munro