DIRTY LAUNDRY is an immersive art experience opening at Metro Arts in West End on Wednesday 21 October.

In the third of their Radical Acts of Intimacy series, Good Room founders, Daniel Evans and Amy Ingram put out a call over a single weekend for people to anonymously submit stories detailing their intimate desires and fantasies.

They received around 100 submissions to select from for the installation.

“You may not want to display your dirty laundry, but we’re saying, be proud about what you desire,” Amy Ingram told me.

The idea for the series arose during conversations about what the company could do when COVID hit and their work began drying up.

“There was a huge conversation around the lack of physical connection. People were missing hugs; people were missing sex; people were missing connection with people. And so, we developed a trio of works that we labelled Radical Acts of Intimacy.”

The first two events in the series premiered at the recent Brisbane Festival. The first, (You don’t have to put on your) Red Light featuring erotic fiction written by Brisbane writers Benjamin Law, Krissy Kneen, and Mandy Beaumont, was delivered directly to participants by phone. The second, One Bottle Later, was about connecting with strangers, and learning and relearning the art of conversation. 

For Dirty Laundry quotes and parts of the submitted stories are printed on garments that will hang in the theatre space designed by Chloe Greaves. A voiceover of the submissions will also be broadcast throughout the theatre.

“It’s a contemplative space to explore different people’s sexuality and desires and maybe to think about your own. You can spend one minute, or you can spend 45 minutes in there. You choose your own adventure. You’ll be able to leave your submission as well.”

“We wanted to celebrate owning what you want, and not being ashamed or afraid to say it.”

Amy said the anonymous nature of the submissions means that people can be a little bit more explicit and personal than they might otherwise be.

“The Good Room has always done works where we engage with our audiences through anonymous submissions. So, it’s always fantastic to read what people send through. We’re always surprised by people’s submissions, which is great.”

“Chloe Greaves is an amazing designer, and I think it’s going to be quite beautiful. I’m excited to see the final product come together.”


New Benner Theatre – Metro Arts at West Village, 111 Boundary Street, West End

Dates and Times

21 October – 1 November 2020

Mon         Closed
Tue-Thu 10 am-4 pm
Fri-Sat    10 am-10 pm
Sun         12 pm-7 pm

This event is FREE