Brisbane Seniors Online is running an upskilling and training day for existing active volunteer mentors at the Queensland Cricketer’s Club at The Gabba, known as BSOLutions. This will allow mentors to meet other mentors socially, the management committee and hub co-ordinators in attendance. This will be held on Thursday, 22 June 2023, and will be a full day of informative presentations.

Eleven presentation spots have been programmed with 13 presenters and co-presenters. Organisations attending who will be speaking are National Seniors, COTA (Qld), NBN, Brisbane City Council Library, Vision Australia/Quantum, Wise and Connected (NSW), Australian Computer Society, Office of Fair Trading and the Genealogy Society of Queensland. Two experienced mentors will also present sessions on Chat GPT, artificial intelligence, security, the end user, and 3D printing. In addition, the CEO of COTA (Qld) and Patron of Brisbane Seniors Online, Darren Young, will attend. At the end of the day, instead of afternoon tea, cheese platters will be available with alcoholic drinks and wine available to purchase from the bar.

Whilst this event is restricted to current volunteer mentors, Brisbane Seniors Online is always keen to recruit more members across the Greater Brisbane area, whether mentors, learners, associates or office volunteers. It would also be convenient for local residents to become members to minimise travel to any events held at the Brisbane Seniors Online training centre at Woolloongabba, including volunteering in the office or attending special interest groups.

Brisbane Seniors Online provides home training for over 50s on their computer using volunteer male or female mentors. Whilst classes have benefits, home tuition on a one-on-one basis is more conducive to becoming more confident in safely using technology and learning the things the learner wants to know at a pace that suits them. In addition, learners can get help recognising and avoiding scams and minimising identity theft and cybercrime.

Mentors join at no cost and have an option after being formally inducted to attend special interest groups. Training and upskilling are offered, and participants generally get great satisfaction from helping other seniors over their 50s. Learners pay an affordable one-off joining fee of $20 and $45 for a year’s membership. This entitles them to, as a guide, around 12 hours of home lessons if required, then ongoing support for the balance of the year. As members, they can attend some of the special interest groups like Apple and digital photography.

For more information, contact Brisbane Seniors Online at 07 3393 2225 or see and Facecbook.