Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey and Local Member, Jackie Trad announced today that land near South Brisbane station, on the corner of Grey Street and Melbourne Street, which was earmarked to be sold to property developers by the Newman LNP Government, will now be set aside for a public parkland.

In a conversation with The Westender in June this year, Ms Trad said that she was pursuing options for better public use of the State land adjoining South Brisbane Station.

Ms Trad said today:

“I am so excited to announce that after construction of the Brisbane Metro project, this block will become public park land.”

“This is part of the community legacy that I insisted the State Government had to negotiate with Brisbane City Council before signing up to the agreement on Brisbane Metro.”

As part of the Brisbane Metro development, Victoria Bridge will be reserved for buses, pedestrians and cyclists, funnelling car traffic along the William Jolly and The Go-between Bridges. The community has raised concerns about tolls on The Go-between Bridge and has raised the need for shading for pedestrians using Victoria Bridge.

Ms Trad said the community should not be disadvantaged by Brisbane Metro.

“So, we are making sure the following huge wins are locked in as part of this agreement:

    • shading on the Victoria Bridge
    • toll relief on the Go Between Bridge for South Brisbane residents impacted by the closure of Victoria Bridge to private vehicles during construction of the project
    • further detailed design on the Cultural Centre station to ensure that the station integrates into the precinct, undertaken jointly between the Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council.”

Ms Trad said that this agreement builds on her track record of delivering parks and amenities for the South Brisbane community.