A long-term resident of the electorate, Jan McNicol from the Stable Population Party has a wide range of interests in cultural and environmental issues. She said she participated in ‘the noble but failed attempt to protect the Highgate Hill Gully from destruction for high rise in 2002’.  She  watches ‘with horror the spreading densification of this area, as high rises proliferate, local residents lose the right to be consulted about over-development in their streets and neighbourhoods and gardens with trees become concrete boxes’, saying ‘this electorate is an epicentre of growth in a south east Queensland, a high growth area in its own right’.

According to Ms McNicol, population is ‘the everything issue’. She says, ‘A Stable Population will help relieve overstretched infrastructure including hospitals, schools, roads and public transport, ease cost of living pressures including housing, energy, water and transport , and protect our environment including food, water & energy resources, native bushland and animal habitats.’

slogan for stable populationMs McNicol considers that ‘Neither Mr Rudd or Mr Newman will tackle population, and therefore neither will help improve our quality of life’. “From a population of 23 million today, under Liberal/Labor policies we are on target for 40 million by 2050 – and rising! We say let’s slow down and stabilise at around 26 million by 2050”.

As to preferences, Ms McNicol says, ‘we have an ‘open ticket’, where we suggest people vote 1 SPP then complete the ballot paper in their preferred order’.

Ms McNicol did not want an image of herself attached to this story because she says;’ I have safety concerns about publishing a photo of myself on the web’.

Many of the minor parties seem to be using the election as a platform for their policies and a way to raise their profile in this division. The rise of single-issue parties may also be a symptom of voter disillusionment with the major parties. It will be interesting to see if this translates into votes for some of them on Election Day.