CoinJar CEO Asher Tan

CoinJar, Australia’s largest Bitcoin platform, has announced a completely new way to send digital currency, whether across the room or around the globe, from your pocket, with a completely redesigned app for iPhone.

The CoinJar CEO Asher Tan including buying and selling bitcoins from their phone, or transferring bitcoins to others via peer-to-peer payments.

Combined with low-fee transactions made possible by the Bitcoin network, the CoinJar Touch app makes it easier than ever for users to send money to friends next door or halfway across the globe without ever using a bank, completely revolutionising the global remittances industry.

The redesigned CoinJar Touch app also has push notification so users can receive notifications when they have received payments, or when others request Bitcoin payments from them. The app is highly secure, and can be locked down with a passcode or Touch ID on iPhones and can be remotely wiped in the event your phone is misplaced or lost.

The new iPhone app builds on the redesigned CoinJar website, launched in December, which introduced the ability for CoinJar’s more than 40,000 users to pick a unique username, making peer-to-peer payments as easy as using Twitter.

Since the website launch, nearly one in five CoinJar users have already adopted a username, and are using the site daily. With CoinJar Touch for iPhone, users can transfer their bitcoins to their friends and businesses easier than before via their CoinJar username, Bitcoin addresses or scanned QR codes.

CoinJar Touch for Android will be released in the coming months.

“Mobile penetration is growing faster than desktop computing, especially in developing economies so ensuring that payments are easy and simple to do on the go is a vital part of ensuring mainstream Bitcoin adoption,” said CoinJar CEO Asher Tan.

“With CoinJar Touch, we’ve humanised payments, making it easier than anything else out there, even traditional banking apps, to transfer money between friends, acquaintances, and business, quickly and easily. Just like everything else CoinJar builds, CoinJar Touch is tailored to international markets.”

Cade Diehm, Creative Director at CoinJar, said: “We’re not only competing with other payment companies, but the physical wallet. Even with the extra benefits, like paying contacts and sending payment requests, paying via Bitcoin must be fast, reliable and as easy to understand as paying with a card.”

CoinJar is one of Australia’s first bitcoin companies, with more than 40,000 users. The platform has processed more than $50 million in transactions over the past 12 months.

About CoinJar

CoinJar migrated to the northern hemisphere to join the London FinTech industry in December 2014. CoinJar is a new breed of bitcoin platform, where people can easily buy and spend bitcoin. It allows consumers and businesses to experience the benefits of digital currency and finance in their everyday lives. From owning your first bitcoins to using and accepting them around the world, CoinJar makes it possible.

CoinJar is founded on the belief that bitcoin is a democratiser of finance. CoinJar helps people be part of this movement and to find innovative ways to diversify their personal finances. Hundreds of businesses already use CoinJar’s Merchant services in Australia. These include cafes, retail shops, and even real estate agencies. With over 40,000 customers, they have processed over $A50 million in transactions in the past 12 months. They launch their UK products at Europe’s best financial innovation conference, Finovate, in February 2015.

CoinJar is backed by leading investors AngelCube and Blackbird Ventures in Australia.