While Queensland inches closer to knowing who our next Premier will be, there has been no such doubt in South Brisbane. Jackie Trad had a decisive win and the day after the election published a thank you to the people of South Brisbane on her Facebook site.

Ms. Trad retained her seat with a two party preferred swing of 9.5% to the ALP and 42.78% of the primary vote. LNP candidate Fiona Ward, who struggled to build her profile during the campaign and was a no-show at two local candidates’ forums, polled just 32.2% of the vote, a swing against the LNP of 5.9% on the primary vote.

Greens candidate Jonathan Sri polled well, gaining a 3.8% swing. The City South News speculated in the lead up to the election that Mr. Sri had a good chance in South Brisbane. While the prediction was well off the mark, The Greens did outpoll the LNP candidate in the West End booth with 30.58% of the vote, to Fiona Ward’s 22.86%.

Independent candidate Karel Boele is pleased with the outcome, too, saying that he garnered the highest number of votes – over 900 – for an independent candidate in the electorate for fifteen years.South Brisbane Resuls

Ms Trad gained 43.87 % of the votes cast in the West End booth and had her strongest showing in Annerley.

Ms Trad told The Westender that she is “genuinely humbled by the trust the people of South Brisbane have placed in her”.


“There is a clear message to come out of this state election, not only for the LNP but for every politician – you cannot take the public’s goodwill for granted, you have to make decisions with people, not force decisions on people,” Ms Trad said.

Thank you Sth BrisbaneWhile Ms Trad has managed a range of portfolios in shadow cabinet she is not telling if she has her eye on any particular role should Labor form government. Ms Trad has been touted as the possible next Deputy Premier.  “I would be honoured to serve in whatever capacity Annastacia Palaszczuk asks me to. I’ve always been passionate about good public policy that improves peoples’ lives”, she said.

Whether it can form government or not, a question in many minds is how, with such enormous public expectations, Labor will be able to maintain discipline and focus, especially with so many new members.

Ms Trad says that Labor has had its share of electoral defeats in recent history:

“…there is no doubt we lost the trust of the electorate, but we chose to remain united, focussed on Queenslanders, not ourselves, and we have worked hard to rebuild trust with voters,” she said.

During her election campaign Ms. Trad was unequivocal at local candidates’ forums about her desire to see the Kurilpa Master plan sent back to the drawing board. She confirmed this commitment to the City South News just last week.

Ms. Trad told The Westender that development in the community extends beyond the Kurilpa Master Plan. “We need to make sure development is consistent with good planning principles, community values, and the needs of existing residents and potential new residents. We know that many local schools are near to or at capacity.”

Ms Trad said she will work with local school communities to “develop a long-term plan to address growth and ensure all local kids have access to the education resources they deserve”.

As to the next three year, Ms Trad she said. “I will work every day to put the interests and values of our community front and centre.”